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Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) Travel Awards

UFAW is an international independent scientific and educational animal welfare charity and membership society. Our vision is of a world where the welfare of every animal affected by humans is maximised through a scientific understanding of their needs and how to meet them. We do this by discovering what matters to animals, developing scientific solutions to animal welfare problems and disseminating evidence-based animal welfare information.

One of the ways in which we achieve our mission is through our grants and awards scheme. To this end, UFAW is supporting delegate attendance at the ISAE International Congress 2024 through our Travel Awards. Our awards will support successful applicants to attend the ISAE International Congress in Curitiba, Brazil, to present their research with the aim of advancing animal welfare science.

To be eligible:

  • Abstracts must focus on the welfare of farm, companion, laboratory, or captive wild animals, or on free-living wild animals whose welfare is compromised by humans, and;

  • Applicants must have their abstract accepted by the ISAE congress committee.

Your application will be reviewed by the ISAE Congress Attendance Fund (CAF) committee and will be assessed in relation to other applications received on its merits for animal welfare and its scientific quality. Your application should include the reason why you should be given the funding.

The application itself must not be more than one A4 page. It must be accompanied by a short CV and a copy of the abstract submitted for the Congress.

More coming soon...

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